Academy Rules & Etiquette

– You gave to arrive 10 minutes before the start of class. Check in at the front desk with your membership number. If you are late for the start of class, assume front position outside of the mat, wait for the Instructor’s attention and ask permission to join the mat.
⁃ Bow when entering and exiting the mat.
– when entering and leaving the mat and immediately greet the all members with a handshake when entering the mat for the first time.

– Never step on the mat with your shoes on and always wear your shoes while walking outside the mat area. Do not remove Gi tops or rash guards in the mat and lobby area
– Listen carefully and quietly to all instructions in or outside the mat.
– Respect all of your Instructors equally.
– Students must understand and respect the hierarchy within the Martial Arts. The longer you have trained or the higher your belt rank, the more seniority you have.
– Maintain your training uniform in good condition. Never wear a ripped, torn or stained uniform.

– Remove all jewelry. You could injure yourself, your teammates, or otherwise damage the jewelry.
– Be aware of your appearance. You should be clean and neat. Long hair must be tied back. Keep fingernails and toenails clipped, hand and feet always clean.
– To prevent injuries, do not wear socks in the training areas.
– Review the calendar, bulletin board, posted notices, newsletters and visit our website at at least once a week.
– Let your Instructor know if you expect a lengthy absence from classes.
– Always let your Instructor know if you injured or ill.
– Never ask your Instructor to spar, it is extremely disrespectful.
– Students who have any injuries or health concerns must notify the Instructor and know their limits while in class.
– No food or drinks are allowed inside the gym, except drinks with a cap.
– Keep the changing rooms and spectator’s area clean and orderly. No wrestling, running or roughhousing anywhere in the school.
– Use the restroom before class to avoid interrupting class.
– Follow rules of good sportsmanship before, during and after each activity or game. If you cannot comply with this rule, you will not participate.
– Acknowledge corrections or constructive criticism regardless of age or rank.
– Follow all instructions your Instructor gives you. We will not ask you to perform beyond your capabilities.
– If you must leave the mat for anything, get permission first. When you have questions, raise your hand and wait until the Instructor calls on you.
– Sparring is always optional. It is only allowed with Instructor approval
– Hand wraps must be washed weekly. BJJ uniforms must be washed daily.
– Use respectful language and behavior, especially around minors. No curse/swear words allowed at the academy.
– Students must put cell phones on vibrate or silent mode.
– We are committed to providing a drug-free, healthful environment. There is no smoking permitted in any part of the Academy.
– No pets, please.
⁃ Have a fan training

Uniform Policy :

– White Gi only with no other affiliation patches + Rash Guard underneath. T-shirts are not permissible
⁃ No Gi Classes visitors & students are required to wear ranked rash guard with no other affiliation patches + the black shorts, the rule is applicable for men and women. T-shirts are not permissible